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Nagaad Activities and Events

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NAGAAD Celebrated 100s Anniversary

Somaliland has had severe civil wars that have disrupted the whole nation. Whatever the case might be, Somaliland regained its independence in 1991 and from there, the Somaliland people have initiated to re-ignite the rehabilitation of the country in general and more so the formulation of rules and regulations under effective decentralized government.

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Nagaad Network Overview

Nagaad is a non-government, non-profit making, voluntary network. It brings together 46 women organizations in Somaliland. It was founded in Hargeisa in 1997 and is registered with the Ministry of Planning as a local NGO. Nagaad was founded in the wake of the third nationwide peace conference in Hargeisa held in 1996-1997 in which all political and traditional leaders participated.


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Nagaad Training

Nagaad Conducted Training of Leadership and Communication of Nagaad Member Organizations

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Sensitization Workshop

Sensitized 180 traditional and religious leaders with tools to deepen their awareness and understanding of current...

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